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December 26, 2012
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Rena Lynette - Fairy Tail OC by LeveledArtist Rena Lynette - Fairy Tail OC by LeveledArtist
Rena Lynette

Age: 10->17(after time skip)
Magic: Sea/Water Dragon Slayer
Likes: Water, Food, Music
Dislikes: Dryness, Loneliness
Alias: Serpent, Sea Dragon(Because of her magic and parent), Siren of Fiore(Her singing moves people, even in battle)
Family: Aerora(Foster Mother(Dragon)), Rylen (Exceed)
With friends: Playful, outgoing, protective, clumsy, head-strong, friendly
With strangers: Shy, timid, clumsy, more of a thinker
With enemies: Fearful, cocky, prideful
Bio: Rena was raised by Aerora, the Sea Dragon, who taught her Dragon Slayer Magic and traveled a lot. She met Gajeel, Wendy, and Natsu during her travels with her foster mother and she became friends with each one of them instantly. Aerora even taught Rena to sing.
But in the year 777, when all the dragons possibly disappeared, Rena was determined to fine Aerora and began looking for her. During her search, she ran into an old woman and a man that took care of her as she grew up.
While her stay in the town, the man grew ill and died, leaving the old woman to grieve and alone. The woman often yelled at Rena to leave, but at the end of the day, she was offered a bed to sleep in.
Another man came into the town, his name was Ivan. He grew interested in Rena and she felt hostile toward him. And one day, he married the old woman and Rena finally ran away.
A year later, Team Natsu, without Wendy and Charle, came to find her due to a request the old lady sent out. She asked them to accept her into their Guild so she could leave this town finally and make some good friends.
After Natsu and the others found her, she joined Fairy Tail.

Rena Lynette (c) Me
Fairy Tail (c) :iconhiromashimaplz:
girl : [link]
TigerAmethyst Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice OC!! Maybe her and my OC would get along XD…
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