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December 27, 2011
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The Place Where I Fell In Love with You

You where on your way home from a trip when he told you, Matthew Williams, your best friend since Junior High, was throwing you a welcome home party. He didn't tell you when or where or who all was going to be there, but you just can't wait to see him. He's a quiet and soft thing, but he's always full of surprises and you can't help but wonder what he had planned for you.

Your phone rang when you arrived home, it was Mathew. "Hey Mattie!" you shouted in excitement in your mind, but on the phone you sounded calm. "Hey, (first name), you ready for your party?" He started with the question. "Um… yeah of course!" "Okay, you have to find me first 'Kay?" His quiet voice was like a excited whisper, only he could do it.
"Um, okay? Where are you?" You asked looking around and saw nothing but a your bedroom. "You won't find me at the airport; I'll give you a clue to places that will lead you to the place I am right now," He paused as if thinking of one, but you heard another voice in the background before he said something else. "Here's your first clue; A place that you and I called a secret." Then Matthew hung up.
You stared at the phone confused. "The place that you and I called a secret… where was that?" As soon as you asked that, you knew immediately. The place you called a secret, which you two only can get to, was a hidden place in the playground of your elementary school. You grabbed your coat and rushed to the school.

When you arrived, you had to cut threw a large bush, follow the curving trail that you and Matthew made that was now almost covered by overgrown plants, and threw a door of cardboard that surprisingly was still standing and still together. You entered the small doorway by bending down a bit, and you saw the place was covered in fresh white paint, the beautiful, carefully engraved table in the center looked from some fancy store, there was a window that had (fav/c) glass that colored the room with a faded shade. You looked around, amazed, walking over, noticing the ceiling was raised, to the table and noticing a note. You picked it up and it read:

'I see you found it. Congratulations :)!
Do you remember who we found this place? It was because Alfred was being stupid and thought it was be 'heroic' to go explore the woods and when he found this open spot, he demanded that we help build a settlement… he could barely finish the door! We had to get Ludwig and Gilbert to help us.'
You giggled. You couldn't help but remember everything of that day. Al was being 'Mr. Explorer' and you and Matthew just went along with him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself and when he found this spot he shouted, 'I declare this spot Jonestown!' and we regretted having him in our history class where you told him about how Jamestown came to be. You also remembered him having to look for a large piece of bark to be the door and when he found one, it was after about an hour, and he was already done. You called him 'lazy' and he yelled at you and stormed off. You didn't even bother going after him, and Matthew said he wasn't going to leave you in the woods alone, so you called your other friends, Gilbert and Ludwig, to help you finish building. You continue reading:
Did you notice the changes? I had to ask Ludwig and Gilbert to help me raise the roof, and I also had to ask Francis to help with the decorations. I hope you like it. ~Matthew Williams'
You loved it! He put so much effort just to keep the memory alive! You couldn't help but love it.
You couldn't help but love him.
You noticed a little side note that read 'Flip to the back'. You flipped over the paper and there was more writing:
'Oh I almost forgot your next clue! Here it is: Remember that bookstore I took you on the last day of school? Go there and ask the lady at the counter for a book for (full name), they'll know what to do.'

You put the note in your pocket and turned and exit the hut. You thought about the clue as you walked along the trail out. "The bookstore… OH I KNOW!" You started running down the street, to the same bookstore that you go to buy all of your books, (name of bookstore).
You walked into the store's automatic sliding doors, out of breath, and quickly walked to the counter where no one was lined up. "H-Hello… is there a book…here….for (full name)." you said in between breaths. The lady behind the counter just smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'll be right back!" she sounded excited as she ran off to the back room.
You waited impatiently, thinking about where else he was going to send you. You couldn't wait to see his next clue.

The lady appeared behind the counter again and handed you a book, a grin was spread across her face. It was handwritten book that had the title of '10 Reasons I'm Glad I Met U' by Matthew Williams. You stared, shocked he took the time to do this, and started flipping through the pages and you read out loud:
"One: You are always happy; I have never seen you angry or depressed. You always have a smile that can brighten even the sun." You looked at the page next to it.
"Two: You have the cutest way of expressing yourself, you're not afraid to get out there and shout as long as you know that people are going to listen to what you say." You flipped the pages and continued reading them all in your head. Until you got to number ten, you read it and you froze. Your eyes were glued to the page, tears started to blur your vision as you read aloud.
"And the tenth reason that I'm glad I met you, is that you've made me fall in love with you…" you choked back the tears until your eyes were dry.
"You have a sweet boyfriend," you looked at the cashier that had given you the book. You gave her a small, sad smile, "He's not my boyfriend…" "Well then honey, you better get going to where you need to be and make him your boyfriend." She handed you a note and you read it:

"I hope you enjoyed my little book.  I meant ever word of it. That you're smile can brighten the sun, or that you can make friends in an instant, or that you have the cutest laugh I've ever heard. And that I love you. I hope you'll find this one last place and I promise I'll be there waiting:
Find the place where we first met. ~Matthew Williams"

You smiled. He loved you, and you felt the same. You remembered where you met Mattie like it was just yesterday, the place you met him was…
You just started running out the store. You couldn't keep him waiting any longer. You had to see him and tell him. You're memories flowed through your head like an old movie film.

It was the month before the first day of junior high; you were out shopping for groceries while your parents were out of town for three weeks. You were home alone but you didn't care and you didn't bother asking friends to stay over or to help you with cleaning the house or anything, you just wanted to be by yourself for a while and think about things before school started. And that day, you never expected to become so great friends with a boy that you met on the way back from the store.
His older brother had asked you for your name, and you told him. He asked you if he could help you with your bags, you said no. He and his brother seemed eager to help you but you noticed that one had a lot more confidence than the other.
After the loud one practically followed you home, you finally agreed to let them help you put them away and they ended up staying longer than you expected. The three of you started watching a horror movie and the one that had confidence, you found out his name was Alfred, was really crept out and the other was covering his eyes, you still didn't know his name. You sighed, "We could watch a different movie if you like-" "No! Th-This is fine," Alfred shouted, voice shaking. "Y-Yeah, nothing's better than some woman GETTING HER HEAD CHOPPED OFF AHHHH!!" You could barely hear that boy's cry. You sighed and let them be.

You finally arrived on the exact spot you met Matthew that day, again panting like a tired dog. There was a bench and you stumbled over to sit, but just before you sat you saw a note:
"You found me."
That was all that was on it. You recognized the handwriting and desperately looked around to find him. "You found me, (first name)." A calm whisper came from behind you. You turned and there he stood,
Matthew and his looks were as soothing as his voice.  His blond hair gleaming in the sunlight, his blue eyes shined with a loving look, his lips stretched in a small smile. He slowly approached you. You, being the impatient one, ran to him and tackled him to the ground with your arms around his neck. "_-___?!" His voice still is a soft whisper that passed your ear.
"I love you Mattie! I always have!" You couldn't keep it balled up anymore. You felt him slowly wrap his arms around your waist as you two lied there. "_____, y-you know… th-this was the exact spot I fell in love with you…" He whispered. You propped yourself up on your elbows. "Same for me, I just had a hard way of showing it huh?" He chuckled, "yeah, you never showed even a hint of that feeling toward me so I was about to lose hope, but I thought I would give it just one last try."
You smiled. You slowly leaned in and placed your lips on his. He automatically kissed back.
After a few moments, you pulled away and grinned, "I love you Mattie!"
He smiled his face a faint pink. "I love you too."
A Canada one! xD I made it for :iconthestrangerinthefog: because she is doing so much for me! Thnx u!

It was hard to start but I got it! I hope the ending turned out okay cause I started losing focus and watching more videos....

Hope you enjoy it!!

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c)
Idea plot (c) me
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